Colosseum - Roman Forum - Palatine

Take this 3 hours tour to discover the Rome of the Caesars.



Glory of the Gladiators, cruel gladiatorial combats and huntings were held in the largest amphitheatre ever built


Valley of the Colosseum

Arch of Constantine, Temple of Venus and Rome,
the skyline of Rome was different in those glorious days.


Roman Forum

Center of gravity of the Romans' world,
and of an Empire too.


Palatine Hill

The Caesars used to rule their Empire
from this huge and very elegant palace

FAQ & useful info

Qualified English Speaking Guide for the entire duration of the tour.

The usual itinerary is: 

*  Colosseum (ground floor, second tier);
*  Arch of Constantine;
*  Palatine Hill;
*  Roman Forum.

Due to operational needs, tour may be operated starting from Forum, ending at Colosseum.

*  Tickets for Colosseum, Palatine, Forum. It is mandatory to book tickets in advance at
Colosseum online booking service

*  If, in addition, you also wish to get access to the Colosseum through the Arena Floor, tickets must be booked at the dedicated Colosseum online booking service 
(Stern Gate: Restricted Security Access. Please remember to always include your guide in the number of tour participants booked, or provide asap day and time of your reserved entrance at Colosseum)

*  Mandatory headsets (for groups over 6 people - separate charges).


* Take pictures or videos.
* Take water and a sun screen/hat during hot season
* Take a selfie stick (extended only for a minimum lenght).
* Small back-packs CAN be taken inside the Colosseum.


* Tripods are NOT allowed.
* Large back-packs are NOT allowed.
* Don't extend your selfie stick to maximum length.

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