Vatican Museums - Sistine Chapel - St. Peter's Basilica

Take this 3 & 1/2 hours tour to discover the Collections of art of the Popes.


Vatican Museums

Discover one of the richest and most precious
art collections in the world


Sistine Chapel

The greatest masterpiece by Michelangelo Buonarroti and many major artists of the Renaissance


St. Peter's Basilica

Mother house of the Roman Catholic Church,
filled with exquisite works of art


Michelangelo's Pieta

The most beautiful and touching sculpture
by Michelangelo Buonarroti

FAQ & useful info

Qualified English Speaking Guide for the entire duration of the tour.

The usual itinerary inside the Vatican Museums includes some of the most important galleries:

* Pine Cone Courtyard
* Pius Clementine Museum
* Gallery of Tapestries
* Gallery of Maps
* Raphael Rooms
* Borgia Apartment
* Sistine Chapel

(I can customize a tour including other galleries not listed above.
Remember to confirm in advance the itinerary you prefer in the Vatican)

* St. Peter's Basilica

Due to the actual Coronavirus restrictions, there is no direct access from the Sistine Chapel to St. Peter's. Therefore the visit of the Basilica, if accessible, will be made before the Vatican Museums.

Please note that some galleries of the Vatican Museums, the Sistine Chapel or the St. Peter's Basilica, due to unexpected crowds and/or works in progress and/or religious ceremonies, may be closed with no previous advice.

Tour will operate only when Vatican Museums are open to public (check opening hours on Vatican Museums web-site) 

* Tickets for Vatican Museums. It is mandatory to book tickets in advance at
Vatican Museums web-site  
Kids 6 - 18 qualify for a reduced price (info on Vatican web site).
Please note that guests who qualify for a reduced ticket MUST bring an ID (picture of valid passport on smartphone will do!), otherwhise Vatican ticket office will charge for full price ticket.

* Mandatory headsets (4 people or more, for Vatican Museums and St. Peter's Basilica - separate charges).

* Mandatory face mask and sanitizer (you must wear a surgical mask or equivalent throughout the entire tour, as requested by the Italian Law)


* Always wear your mask throughout the entire tour
* Take pictures or videos inside the Museums (flash is NOT allowed).
* Take water inside the Museums (sodas and food are NOT allowed).
* Take a selfie stick inside the Museums (extended only for a minimum lenght).
* Small back-packs and foldable umbrellas CAN be taken inside the Museums.


* Tripods are NOT allowed inside the Museums.
* Large back-packs and long-stick umbrellas are NOT allowed inside the Museums.
* Don't extend your selfie stick to maximum length.
* While there is no dress code for the Museums, Sistine Chapel and St. Peter's Basilica, being places of prayer, require a sober attire.
Rule is easy to recall: NO Uncovered shoulders/knees, for all.
In the summertime women, in case of light dresses, may want to take a couple of scarves as an additional precaution, to cover their shoulders.

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